A Day at Toronto Paintball

Arriving prepared. What to bring to paintball.

You want to turn up at Delta Force Barrie ready to rumble with a focused attitude and game face on. The last thing you want to be doing is be scrambling around to find the appropriate footwear required to play. So here are our top tips of what to bring so when game day arrives, all you need to remember is to bring the HEAT!!!

Your Fashion Statement

From one-piece ‘mankini’s’ to full wedding dresses, after so many years we have literally seen it all. What you wear is your personal decision (or maybe your best man’s decision) but here are a few tips for the more conservative amongst us.

We will provide each player with a freshly laundered full camouflage combat suit with built in neck protection. It is wise to bring some old, comfortable clothes to wear under these coveralls for your comfort.

After working up a sweat defending your honour on the paintball field, a change of clothes for the drive home is also a good idea.

Protecting Your Feet

Let’s get a little more serious now because a very important piece of clothing you need to bring is covered footwear. It can be an old running shoe or a light boot. Sometimes players come with football boots. Once again it is a good idea to take comfort into consideration but remember it has to be fully enclosed footwear.

Paintball Gear

Fueling Up

Have you heard the old saying that the mind is willing but the body unable? Have plenty of replenishments for your ultimate day to get the most out of that body of yours.

By all means pack a picnic lunch, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to keep those energy levels up. There is a kiosk open with various snacks and cold drinks or you can pre-order a pizza on arrival which will be piping hot and waiting for you come lunch time.

Hands Down A Good Idea

It’s a cold Ontario morning and the grip on your gun is tight with nervous anticipation for the first game to begin. The last thing you want to be worried about is a strain paintball catching you on the knuckle. Either bring some padded gloves with you or purchase a cheap pair of armoured paintball gloves at the kiosk on arrival which are then yours to keep. This will give you the peace of mind to duck your gun around corners and inside pyramids in search of that nemesis of yours.

Some Extra Thoughts

Don’t get caught short when the battle heats up. Guaranteed you will be having a great time and get swept away in the realistic scenarios and game zones Delta Force is famous for. As teams bond and skills develop, the games scheduled for after lunch are ultimately the games that make the paintball gods smile. So keep this in mind, and if your budget allows, you may need some extra paintballs as the day progresses. Discuss with your friends and our friendly staff on arrival for the best package to suit your needs. We have some great value packs to have you shooting until your heart’s content. And don’t forget you can always duck to the kiosk for a little cheeky top up anytime throughout the day.

You know what they say…. you only live once.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to firearm laws, all of our Delta Force Paintball centres are strictly drug and alcohol free zones. No illicit drugs or any alcohol whatsoever may be brought to our centres at any time. Persons found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter by law. No paintball markers (guns) are stored on site.