A Day at Toronto Paintball

100% Safety Record!

We prioritize safety at Toronto paintball by investing in top-notch safety gear. Our goal is to make your visits not only the safest but also the most enjoyable experiences possible.

We take several precautions at all our paintball centres to ensure your safety is priority:

  • We implemented a policy of checking every player’s goggles before they enter the paintball game zones.
  • Our base camps (safe zones) are completely enclosed with high mesh safety netting.
  • Paintball guns are prohibited from entering the base camp.
  • Lifting of goggles in the game maps is prohibited. Lifting or removing goggles in a game zone will cause a player to be immediately excluded from the game zone. They are then not permitted to participate for the rest of the day. We will not risk the safety of any player.
  • Continued training of our experienced paintball marshaling personnel is an ongoing commitment.
  • All players must be given our pre-game safety speeches which adhere to the Health & Safety rules and regulations.
  • Head-shots do not count (this is to discourage players from shooting at one another’s heads).

Paintball safety at Delta Force

Our paintball standards, refined over 25 years, boast meticulous design. Delta Force’s health and safety policies set the benchmark, acknowledged by environmental health officers as the gold standard for other paintball centers. This recognition solidifies our global leadership in paintball.

The paramount gear for your safety is our US-spec full-head goggle protection system. Compliant with BS lens technology and providing comprehensive coverage for ears, temples, and the crown, these goggles are offered to all players upon arrival to shield against potentially painful headshots.

We prioritize safety through detailed health and safety risk assessments, available upon request. Delta Force’s management, assistant managers, and senior marshals maintain current first aid qualifications, complemented by similar credentials among other senior staff, many with ex-service backgrounds.

Our professional and unmatched safety measures ensure that a day at Delta Force guarantees the safest and most thrilling paintball adventure in the world.

Still have questions? Give our booking office a call on 1800 568 8909 to speak with one of our fantastic event coordinators. You can also chat with us online if you want to make a booking or find out more.

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