Full Length Protection.

Paintball Armoury

We’ve custom designed the full length paintball body suit to be a vital part of your paintball armoury. The Delta Force camouflaged body suit has been specifically designed to ensure your amazing day of paintball combat is exciting, comfortable and safe as well. With these in your list of paintball armoury, you look the part, and you have the confidence to take on any battle!

The suits are available in range of sizes that suit most body shapes and sizes. They are standard equipment issues with your entry to our centres or with the group discount packs. A padded protective collar is built in for added comfort and protection.  A fast release leg system allows you to easily get in and out of the suit as well.

Wear the suit and let it take all the paint hits while your clothes underneath stay clean and unsoiled. Very handy if you are heading anywhere other than home after your day of paintball.

The bush style camouflage aids in helping you enjoy stealth-mode as you move around the game zones unnoticed and gain the element of surprise.

Delta Force camouflage body suits help give you the edge and add that feel of being a true weekend warrior to any player.

Come on down and check it out!

We strongly recommend the use of our full length paintball combat suit, as it will significantly reduce the chance of any scratches, burns, bites, cuts, irritations, bruises or other direct contact injuries. There are naturally occurring hazards throughout our centres and wearing the full length combat suits will reduce the chance of injury.

100% Safety Record