Do you have a real passion for paintball?

JobsDo you desire to work in the outdoors? Does learning a multitude of skills you’ll find serve you well throughout your life appeal? How about working within a team of dedicated individuals in a high paced, dynamic game environment? If that all sounds like it suits your friendly and outgoing personality then working for us might be just what you are looking for.

Working for Delta Force Paintball can be a very rewarding experience and you can hear  all about it from one of our fantastic team members below…

Work History: a British Columbian who has worked for Delta Force in both Canada and Australia.

“I’d been unemployed for several months and was struggling to find work in retail sales where I’d been since leaving school. A friend of mine was studying at university and mentioned he had found a cool job working part-time, mostly on weekends. I’d never even considered working anywhere other than a retail environment but Mark insisted that working at Delta Force Paintball would suit me well and they had positions available most of the time for people who wanted the work. I was very sceptical when he took me to the paintball centre in Vancouver to watch him on one of the game days. I honestly couldn’t believe I could have a job here and actually get paid to do it! What a blast they have! I only had to watch Mark at work for about an hour and I was hooked. I arranged an interview right away and started work only about a week later.

It’s fascinating work. My very first day as a marshal was helping with a large group of kids. They are so funny. It’s like giving ants weapons; you just don’t know where to look, they are everywhere and their laughter is infectious. I think I really enjoy the variety each day brings as well. In the mornings first up we have a meeting and prepare the ammo and guns, do a site walk to be sure everything is safe and sound. Once the players start arriving it’s all about helping them get sorted and ready to play. On the fields it’s full on helping players that need encouragement and making sure the game rules are followed. I love that. I meet so many different people and get so much satisfaction from helping them to enjoy their day.

Because I was keen on working as many hours as possible, after several months working with Delta Force I was given extra duties. I learned several new skills including servicing compressors, fence repair and other stuff as well. This adds so much extra variety.

At the time of writing, I’m waiting for my flights to be confirmed to Australia where I’ll be headed to work for a year down-under. Can’t wait for that after volunteering for the position about a month ago. I’m hoping and working towards being a paintball centre manager for Delta Force. With new centres opening in Canada I have a real shot at achieving that.

– Jacques Corriveau


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