Paintball protection taken seriously.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. And when it comes to protecting paintball, Delta Force Paintball has taken every step to get it right. Very few, if any other paintball game providers, have gone to the trouble or expense of custom designing their own safety equipment. We have! Our full length camouflaged paintball suits have a small but very useful addition. This comfortable inclusion in our design allows any player in our Delta Force centers to enjoy your paintball experience in even greater comfort and security than ever.

Despite of thinking much about paintball, it is a safe sport as compared to any other. In this page you will be introduced to our new safety equipment i.e. a padded protective collar

In another decision that changed the industry, Delta Force decided to ensure that all coveralls had a padded protective collar, thereby eliminating potentially painful knocks to the neck. This forms a transparent combination with our full protective glasses, offering each player complete protection of the neck and head. We are proud of this achievement aimed at making paintball a recreation that can be played and enjoyed by players of all ages and deliver the first class safety equipment providing full public liability insurance.

Make your paintball day more comfortable with our neck protecting euipment. Get complete head and neck protection from potentially dangerous headshots.

With this high-profile collar the chances of getting shot in the neck is reduced providing more confidence on the battlefield.

It is very comforting to know that a paintball will not hit your neck and this neck protection will allow all members of your team to play with confidence. At Delta Force Paintball, we like to do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of your paintball experience.

The padded collars are yet another Delta Force safety initiative. We are proud of this achievement aimed at making paintball a recreation that can be played and enjoyed by players of all ages.

100% Safety Record