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Neck Protection


Paintball protection taken seriously.

Sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. And when it comes to paintball protection, Delta Force Paintball has taken every measure to get it right. Very few, if any other paintball games provider, has gone to the trouble or expense of custom designing their own safety equipment. We have. Our full length camouflaged paintball suits feature a small, yet highly useful addition. The padded neck collar. This comfortable inclusion to our design enables any player at our Delta Force centres to enjoy your paintball experience in even greater comfort and safety than ever before.

The protective padded collar, integrated into the suits design, eliminates those potentially painful shots to the neck and throat region. Combined with our full head protection goggles, your neck and head are totally protected.

Paintball Protection

The padded collars are yet another Delta Force safety initiative. We are proud of this achievement aimed at making paintball a recreation that can be played and enjoyed by players of all ages.