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Paintball Toronto

Paintball Ammunition Packs


Go in fully loaded!

With so many awesome game zones to play on during a day of paintball with Delta Force, you don’t want to get caught running out of paintball ammo on the battlefield. Our industry leading group discount packs not only set you up and fully loaded for the day, they save you a heap of cash too. But how do you carry enough ammo into the battle and not be slowed down holding onto the ammo pods?

Simple! Our paintball ammo packs are available to all players and can carry an additional 400 paintballs. These belt style packs are ideal for those scenarios where you need to fight your way out of a corner or maybe provide covering fire for a team mate. They are also essential for the player who is a more trigger-happy than most.

Paintball Ammo


Delta Force has several initiatives that we have have implemented to make paintball a more enjoyable experience and our quick reloading ammunition pack is another we are proud of. As an added advantage they also add an extra layer of protection against the incoming shots to your lower abdomen.

Delta Force ammunition packs… helping to keep you safe and making certain you don’t caught out of ammo!