Play with confidence!

You are carefully stalking your way around the enemy village when suddenly several opposition players ambush you and open fire. Several paintballs slam into your chest. You wait for the pain. And there is none! And that’s down to the custom designed Delta Force paintball armour you have been issued free with your entry. Girls, especially (but also men), fear paintball hits in general but now they need not worry. Pain free paintball exists when you play with Delta Force Paintball.

When Delta Force commissioned the design and manufacture of the body armour, there were several criteria that needed to be followed. The protective vest comprises of multiple rigid plastic plates contained within a flexible skin and weight, or lack thereof, was high on the list of inclusions. This torso protection device is not only very light yet strong enough to take the paintball hits and not cause any pain. The vest is also completely ventilated to avoid a build up of body heat.

This essential piece of equipment now gives confidence to all those folk who were previously too shy to play paintball. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll achieve on the paintball field when wearing all of our protective equipment.

100% Safety Record