Paintball Toronto

Average Joes Playing Paintball


Just your Average Joe playing paintball.

Want to experience the fun and thrills of Delta Force Paintball but worried that you have little or no experience. Well fear not my friend because Average Joes make up a huge amount of our guests each and every week. We entertain budding paintballers from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes.

We are an all inclusive environment with Moms, Dads, Granny and that crazy Uncle Jeff that every family has all enjoying shooting each other with little balls of paint. Students, professionals, retirees don’t feel left out. Everyone has the skill and ability to compete for that coveted Top Gun award at the end of the day.

Our friendly and skilled staff will take you through the whole process every step of the way. From the informative and fun safety briefing to instruction on gun use and tactics. You will never be left in the dark in your pursuit of paintball excellence.


Delta Force Barrie is just a short, pain-free drive north of Toronto making paintball as easy and accessible as it has ever been. You and your fellow Average Joes will be treated to state of the art equipment and movie-set quality game zones. Delta Force leverages all 25 years of their industry experience to provide a five star paintball experience.

We spare no expense when it comes to the design and construction of our patented safety equipment, so bring the whole family down for the adventure. Be safe in the knowledge that you are in the best hands. Our 100% safety record is one that we are proud of and do everything in our power to maintain.

After a quick registration process you will be issued with your battle pack. This consists of your Full head anti-fog protective goggles, camouflage combat suit with in-built neck protection, ammo belt with a 400-paintball capacity and lightweight, heavy duty body armour. Your safety presentation will arm you with all the knowledge and rules you need to be aware of through the day and how to use your paintball marker. Now it is time to be introduced to your best friend for the day…your semi-automatic paintball marker with unlimited gas. Get to know each other in the firing range and then it is go time. The anticipation has built to an extreme level and now you are entering the first of Delta Force’s world famous game zones. It’s time to through yourself into it and show them what you’re made of. Our fully trained marshals are always on hand to help out if required. They will umpire each game, explains specific rules and objectives and distribute tips and hints along the way so everyone is involved and having fun.

So whatever your experience, fitness or skill level, come on down and enjoy the finest in paintball offering at Delta Force Barrie. You won’t forget it!!