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Paintball Toronto

Toronto’s Best Paintball Opens Paintball Barrie

2015 saw the new kid on the paintball block, Delta Force Paintball Barrie, open and prove itself as a major player in it’s own right. By all accounts from staff and players, the centre at Barrie (about 45 mins drive north from Toronto) delivered outstanding paintball games with a customer service level that was simply epic! Great stuff and it made the Delta Force Paintball group very proud indeed.

26 March 2016 is the big day for Delta Force Barrie’s triumphant season opening after a rather chilly winter. Getting outside and away from the TV sounds better and better doesn’t it? We don’t know about you, but no paintball for close to 5 months leaves us begging for the sound of paintball gun fire and the splat of victory as you hit your targets. We want to laugh with our friends while getting some moderate exercise.

And that’s what our Barrie centre is all about. The centre has been specifically designed to keep the action engaging all day. You won’t be crawling around getting bored while wondering where the enemy is at this paintball centre. The game maps and game scenarios and challenges are paid out and designed to provide specific objectives to work toward and keep your opposition within striking range. It’s exciting and adrenaline inducing paintball at it’s best.

1-800-568-8909 is the magic number that will make your paintball adventures come true. Call that 24/7 and our friendly event coordinators will have you out on the battlefields in no time at all. Break a mate free from the prison bus, storm the enemy jungle compound (look out for the guards in the towers), take out a few zombies and other thrilling game objectives are waiting.


Posted in News on 17th March 2016

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