As with most things in life, the saying ‘bigger is better’ is true more times than not. When applied to the sport of paintball, a bigger team means more enemies to shoot, more incoming paintballs to avoid and more people to relive your paintball war stories with, which all in all equates to a better paintball experience.

Delta Force has been operating around the world for more than 20 years and every week we play host to a range of teams looking for the ultimate adrenalin rush. Now, at Delta Force Edmonton, you can also experience this incredible rush on a day out at our movie-set paintball centre.

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Team visits to Delta Force are a great way to motivate players, reward a good performance or to spark that mid-season comeback. We also offer all players the very best safety equipment, ensuring your safety is our utmost priority.

A full day team paintball activity is also extremely popular in the corporate world as it’s a great team building exercise that gets everyone in the office involved. Whether you want to lead from the front and attack, or cover your teammates and defend the fort from the back, there is something for everyone.

Let the experienced staff at Delta Force Paintball help you meet your corporate goals.

Delta Force has safely entertained more than 4 million players around the world and now it’s Edmonton’s turn to experience world-class paintballing. We offer the latest and safest equipment, the most varied and exciting game zones and our friendly, professional staff will ensure that you have the best day possible.

Our team events can be tailored to fit your exact needs so get in touch today and get the ball rolling.

Posted in News on 17th November 2013

Last updated 7th February 2020