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Tomb Raider

Cool Paintball Fields at Barrie

Legend or Reality?

The ancient artefact is worth countless millions. Is it really just legend? You’ve studied the tribal stories for years now. You’ve sort out and spoken with people who claim to have seen the giant pyramid and escaped with their lives. Yet nobody has succeeded or seen the priceless treasure and they all tell tales of an ancient presence guarding it’s secret for eternity.

And now, after so much effort, you and your group of would be Tomb Raiders are staring at the prize you’ve spent years planning to recover. But there’s movement. Across the sacred ground, beyond the giant guardian sphinxes someone else may have travelled a similar path and are poised to make their play. Maybe you are seeing things? Maybe it’s the ancient presence playing tricks on your senses? Maybe, you better get the hell in there and claim the artefact before the others do?

Launch your attack on the tomb’s defences and escape alive or become another paragraph in the legend told through the ages.

This game zone coming soon.