Take things to the next level by upgrading to M16. This jet black semi-automatic rifle is not only great, it also makes you great. The adjustable stock makes aiming even easier when you hook the rifle against the shoulder for sniper fire.

Silently poisoned in the thick undergrowth, you lie completely still while you watch your prey walking without knowing it in your line of fire. By looking at the long, elegant barrel of your M16 weapon, you stabilize your target and prepare for the impending battle.

Fully equipped in your combat suit and a bulletproof vest. When you pull the trigger of the impressive black semi-automatic pistols, a single paintball comes out of the barrel and hits the target at 60 feet.

Perfect shot Right!

Available in Delta Force Paintball centers, the M16 machine gun is available for rental for all aspiring Rambos and Ramboettes but for on the day of your event, and their number is limited, so be sure to secure your M16 before it’s too late.

Let’s not start with the 11-inch barrel, built in sight and removable magazine. Numbers are limited, however, so be sure to reserve your M16 rifle when booking.

Check out the new look of our M16 paintball gun. Have a wonderful day of non-stop action with our new arrival. We are completely assured with the Public Liability Insurance. We are looking forward to welcome you at our amazing paintball centers to make your paintball event the most enjoyable and give you the new experience of M16 paintball gun.

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Posted in Banners on 5th June 2014

Last updated 13th February 2020