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Paintball Toronto

Youth & School Groups


Developing Life-long Skills.

As far as youth group ideas go, you have come to the right place. Delta Force is on a global campaign to get kids and young adults off the couch and into the wide-open spaces and fresh air. Motivate your youth group with a fun-filled exhilarating day of paintball that will have them buzzing with excitement.

Delta Force has more than a quarter of a century worth of experience in organizing group events that gets everyone involved in a safe and protective environment. We have a 100% safety record based around our state of the art equipment, industry-leading safety procedures and fully trained staff. Feel at ease that your little darlings will be delivered back safe and sound and a permanent smile and a fine layer of well-earned dirt.


Our friendly event coordinators can help you tailor a day to suit your needs. Whether it is a small Scouts troop to a full school excursion, we can accommodate any range of numbers and provide a day that is maximum fun and maximum cohesion. Solid personal bonds will be formed in the heat of battle as teams need to communicate and work together in pursuit of their common objectives.

Delta Force Barrie is the latest in the DF stables and boasts ground breaking game zones to play on. The scope for scenarios on these quality game zones is endless as we whisk you away on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure not to be missed. Our prison bus is the center piece of our Prison Break field; we have a 30 ft stone pyramid and 4 protective sphinxes for Tomb Raider; claim the crypts and release the ancient artifacts in Resident Evil and rescue the POW from the Viet Cong Village in Tropic Thunder. There is something for everyone at Delta Force Barrie.

Get the troops together for an epic youth group activity that will have them begging for more. Contact us and let us take care of the whole thing. Now doesn’t that sound nice.

Please note: Delta Force Paintball has set its minimum playing age to be 10 years old. All players under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult.

Youth Groups Paintball