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Riot shields would be great in a paintball center. Now, as an exciting addition to selected play areas, Delta Force has taken delivery of a large batch of police-made riot shields. Each of these light, unbreakable Perspex shields has several padded handles that allow it to be easily transported and deployed in different ways depending on the type of threat you face. They are not used by all players in each game only in certain games and where there are specific objectives. Delta Force love to try new things and always strive to keep the experience varied and exciting for you.

Delta Force players have free-access to riot shields throughout a day of paintball action in cinema-quality play areas and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Riot shields can be linked together to form an impenetrable line of defense – do you have the skills to eliminate a team of advanced fighters? Are you going to shoot for the feet or attack the flanks and shoot them down one by one?

Imagine that you and your teammate are slowly advancing against a strongly defended rebel position “in safety” behind this mobile defensive position. This can certainly give you an advantage, but don’t be overly confident, your arm is still exposed, as is your back – so be careful!

Delta Force is the only paintball supplier to offer riot shields, so if you want to try them out, doesn’t hesitate. Delta force paintball players will have the complete access to our new riot shields within the game of paintball to take their game to the next level.
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Posted in Banners on 5th June 2014

Last updated 13th February 2020